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Saturday, May 1st 2010
Rehearsal with Carolyn Holyoke
9:45am – Ben Irving
10am – Annie Camp
10:15am – Sidney Murgatroyd
10:30am – Ainslee MacMillan
10:45am – Savannah McLean
11am – Kennedy Fitzgerald
11:15am – Jessica Wilcox
11:30am – Charlotte Toner
11:45am – Natasha Barna


1pm – Rebecca Whiteway
1:15pm – Sarah Whiteway
1:30pm – Sharon MacLean
1:45pm – Kathleen Varty, Josie Germon, Michael Colford
2pm – Emily Thomas
2:15pm – Makala Priest
2:30pm – Keegan Manson-Curry
2:45pm – Katie Staples

3:30pm – Larz Schwarz
3:45pm – Brianne Carbno
4pm – Spencer Murgatroyd
4:15pm – Rhys Murgatroyd
4:30pm – Abby Cartwright
4:45pm – Chantal Beriault